Instagram’s Tectonic Shift

Instagram’s Tectonic Shift

Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app. Get the Jump on new features as they unfold.

In early July Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri, went live to talk about four big changes that will be coming to the social media platform in the next six months. The biggest change will be a tectonic shift away from still pics to Video. Instagram will also be pushing more full-screen videos in the recommended feed. According to Mosseri, Instagram will be moving towards full length videos.

Get the Jump

Because the changes that Instagram has already begun making will completely alter the type of content creators will need to post, videos will be pushed to the top of users feeds faster than a square image. Users that get a jump on each new feature will be rewarded with their content getting prime real-estate in Suggested content and Explore Pages.

Tag Wisely!

Videos will be pushed by categories.  These categories will be deduced by the hashtags you use. If you use the very popular over used tags your content will get lost in the digital traffic.  Use hashtags that are niche but that people will search.  Trending tags are super important to incorporate.

And of course, be sure to use the best hashtag tool on the market, Hashtagr!

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