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The Perfect Tags.
Every Time.

Attract your target audience by finding the best hashtags for ANY niche topic

Targeted Engagement

We’ve analyze billions of hashtag connections to deliver the best hashtags on every topic.

Increase the engagement on your social media content by 300% or more simply by adding more relevant hashtags.

No More Hunting & Pecking

Get expert research in seconds:
  1. Search any topic
  2. Drill into any hashtag for more related hashtags
  3. Select the best tags
  4. Copy and paste into your social media content

Versatile Tagging

  • Over 100,000,000 hashtags
  • All languages
  • Supports emojis & special characters
  • Regional hashtags
  • Competitor hashtags

After the free trial, #hashtagr pro is $4.99/mo and $29.99/yr.

After the trial, you will only be able to “drill in” with the Pro version to get the valuable niche hashtags.

Both the paid & free versions allow you to search any hashtag by name or location.

However, the pro version offers:

  1. An unlimited number of related tags lookups (“drill in”)
  2. Ability to save your lists of hashtags into collections for organizing and reuse
  3. Removal of branded hashtags and copy
  4. Ability to copy entire lists of tags

#hashtagr pro helps you “drill in” to find the best hashtags to increase engagement for just 14 cents a day.

The riches 💰 are in the niches. That is, when you use highly targeted tags that are tailored to your content, you will begin attracting a more enthusiastic following.  

Can’t buy #love 💔  Tossing #love on your post won’t get you anywhere unless you are an A-list celebrity. Why? because when you use common hashtags, you are literally competing with billions of posts, and you need a massive following just to compete in that game.

🤓 Focus on hashtags that work for your niche audiences and account size. Those niche related tags are challenging to find unless you have the pro version.

Yes, every language. You’re welcome. analyzes millions of posts to deliver hashtags spanning every language and also hashtags with emojis 😃

#hashtagr works on every social media platform, but some platforms work better than others.

For example, Instagram and Twitter heavily rely on hashtags to serve content, while Facebook relies more heavily on its own algorithm.

Some social platforms including Instagram support emojis and special characters, while others like Twitter do not.

Be sure to toggle the emojis filter in your #hashtagr Settings, based on the social platform you are using.

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Best hashtag app. really fast and easy to use and really boosts your page and content with the love it deserves to reach to correct audience you want. no problem so far and runs smoothly. really helps build likes and followers that are interested in your content
Best thing ever!!!
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i use this app everyday, its easy to use. other tags apps are useless but this one is the best.!!!!!😬👏🏼🥵😀
Big *** Mcgee
Best app for hashtags
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Super easy to use and helps me find more hashtags to use related to my content! Love love love it
Lydia Schlagenhaft
A great way to grow your social media platforms!
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Very efficient and easy to use! It’s practically effortless and the results pay off! Search was not Complicated at all. Just copy and paste into posts!
Anth max
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This app is amazing, any hashtag you want, its a fast and effective way to use hashtags, just copy and paste. Its that's simple. This is simply the best hashtag generating app.
Love it!
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This app is the top in the field- super easy to navigate and really useful in finding the best hashtags!
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Love this app! It's great at helping me find hashtags. Finds popular and obscure tags of all kinds. The variety is amazing and it's super easy to copy and paste them onto my Instagram post.
GSU Sitter
Great app!
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As a blogger, I get to engage with my community so much better and reach new readers & followers with this app. Awesome!
Navindra Mohammed
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Great app, I definately would recomend this app. Its super easy to use and helped me gain alot of likes and followers per post. I give 5 stars to this app because it helped me gain and the app does what it says! Thank you😅
Social Media Manager Luv it!
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I just got the pro premium version. I love the drill effect because I like a wide variety of topics that my posts contain. I have a few different niches that I like to get into my hashtag list so those peeps can see my content. This app is sick. 👍🏼👍🏼
Added exposure
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I downloaded the app and started using the hashtags on my posts and I’ve seen a huge increase in views and likes! The app is easy to use (and not buggy like many of the other hashtag apps I’ve tried). I’m eager to check out pro!
Zebula Nebula
Look-A-Like Tags
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I haven’t found a hashtag app that drills in to niche hashtags like this one. I’ll be using every day for my content!
My engagement skyrocketed.
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I was able to discover lesser known and used hashtags that I included in my posts. My engagement skyrocketed, a few hundred more likes, dozens of extra comments and followers. It was incredible! Definitely recommend this app if you’re serious about growing your audience!
Life Notes
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Indeed a helpful app. They gave tips on their Instagram which are extremely knowledgeable & helpful. A must try if you are new on Insta this is a life saviour. Just click the install button and experience it's magics.
Jehz Kae
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I love the experience that I had with this app. Its easy and great to use. It really helped me on my growth as an art account on instagram. It gives me ideas on what other hashtags are there in the ig world. I recommend this to people who needs help on finding the right hashtags.
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Honestly this makes generating hastags easy. Also it will show you the most relevant hastags for the audience you want to see this getting you the most hits really helping developing your followers. Very sleek interface as well. Definitely worth it!
Keith Byrne
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Very easy to use and does exactly what it says. Takes the burden out of searching for hashtag, just copy and paste or save to you phone.
Amal Khayata
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Very helpful and easy to use. It shows how many posts per each hashtag, it suggests hashtags with high number of followers.. best thing is the copy-paste feature ..also, saves your tags history...I'd give it a 10 if I could!!!
Hannah Pirkey

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Riches in the Niches

Finding the Perfect range of use for each hashtag that corresponds with the size of your wall gives you maximum exposure to people interested in your content.