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Step 1️⃣: Create a promotional post or reel on your influencer account. Be sure to let followers know they can get 30 days for free when they download the app using the @hashta.gr bio link.

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hashta.gr currently offers the following influencer promotional incentives:

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  • 50k-100k: +90 days
  • 100k-500k: +120 days
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Post again after 30/60/90/120/150 days to get your next fix 💊 of hashta.gr pro.

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As a beta participant, you agree 📋 :

  • To report any bugs
  • To use the latest version available (check email notifications)
  • To provide us with feedback on your experience with the product
  • To grant us permission to use your feedback in promoting hashta.gr
  • To wait until launch to discuss on social media, as there could be bugs or feature changes