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Frequently Asked Questions

After the free trial, #hashta.gr pro is $4.99/mo or $39.99/yr.

If you don’t upgrade to the pro version after the trial, your features will be reduced to the free tier.

Both the paid & free versions allow you to search any hashtag by name.

However, the pro version offers:

  1. An unlimited number of related tags lookups (“drill in”)
  2. Ability to save your lists of hashtags into collections for organizing and reuse
  3. Removal of branded hashtags and copy
  4. Ability to copy entire lists of tags

πŸ“ˆ Your increased target engagement with #hashta.gr pro is definitely worth 14 cents per day.

The riches πŸ’° are in the niches. That is, when you use highly targeted tags that are tailored to your content, you will begin attracting a more enthusiastic following.

Can’t buy #love πŸ’” Β Tossing #love on your post won’t get you anywhere unless you are an A-list celebrity. Why? because when you use common hashtags, you are literally competing with billions of posts, and you need a massive following just to compete in that game.

πŸ€“ Focus on hashtags that work for your niche audiences and account size. Those niche related tags are challenging to find unless you have the pro version.

Yes, every language. You’re welcome.

#hashta.gr analyzes millions of posts to deliver hashtags spanning every language and also hashtags with emojis πŸ˜ƒ

Want to be a #hashtagr ambassador? Check out the Beta Feedback section from the app menu.

Once 2.0 is made public (March 20-ish), copy the link to your #hashta.gr shoutout and send it to us through the Influencer tab to confirm.

What’s in it for me? We are currently offering free extended access to hashta.gr depending on your account size. We have also been sending free swag to larger influencers πŸ₯³Β Β 

β˜‘οΈΒ  Minimum audience size of 2,000 to participate.

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Thank you for joining our beta!

We are grateful for your participation in helping to make hashta.gr 2.0 the best tool for sourcing hashtags, and for spreading the word to others.

To access the beta program:

  1. Β 

Download the apk file to your android device.

You may get a general warning about downloading files from the internet, choose the option that allows you to download the file.

You will need to accept the app stipulations in order to run the app on your device.

After submitting your email, a validation screen appears and a confirmation code will be sent to your email.

Check your email for the confirmation code. It could take a few minutes to process.

Copy the confirmation code and click “Validate”.

Add your first name, last name and your instagram username (like @hashta.gr).

That’s it, your in!Β  Be sure to send us feedback on your experience with the app.